Most criminals are set free once they finish their jail terms. Is the re-introduction of criminals in societies is justified? Place your views in no less than 250 words.




Criminals are not the criminals by birth, but there are several different factors to make them offender. Necessity is this, we should identify the root causes and eradicate them which make the innocent people criminals.
This day and age, this is the common behavior of our community towards criminals, not accept them back into the society. Instead of doing this, we should accept them with wholeheartedly and give them expressions that they have completed their punishment as a criminal and now they can live their lives as good members of society. To make this happen, The Government should take some good initiative in this regard, such as rehabilitation and training center must be established in the jails, so prisoner would not get enough time to think something wrong with other offenders. In spite, they should be encouraged to take a part of the different vocational training course in the jail and make them an expert, so they can get a handsome living after detention.
Here’s a good example of a British guy, at the age of twelve he started doing a burglary after his father left him and his mother with a lot of debt. After many successful attempts, he caught red-handed and convicted to five years imprisonment. After one year of imprisonment, he thought he should do something constructive and should make his life more valuable after confinement. Within five years he completed his high school studies and once he released, at the age of nineteen, he got admission in university to the subject of criminology. He is now living his life with full of rejoicing and planning to start his family.
To put it in the nutshell, after the imprisonment, criminals are not more criminals and society will give a chance to live their lives with their families and also provide opportunities for the employment. Hopefully, by this way, no one will go astray.

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