Most parents require their children to indulge in outdoor activities, is this a positive or negative developement? what other things should parents encourage to do and why?




Nowadays, parents want their children to participate more in outdoor activities. parents should also consider some other things for good parenting. In my opinion, this practice will help in socializing more to outer world which would result into development of confidence in child as well as it will be beneficial for their mental and physical health.
Outdoor activities possess positive effects on mental and physical health as children are more attracted towards gadgets such as mobile phones, and playstation for playing video games for longer hours. Mobile usage by children has been increased, which deteriorate their health while outdoor activities will help in keeping them physically fit. A recent survey stated that 96% of children spend more than 4 hours a day on mobile phone and other gadgets which is an alarming situation.
Outdoor activites increases stamina and boost immunity of the child, which keeps children at bay from diseases and depression. Parents should also encourage their child to indulge in indoor activities which will make parents- children bond stronger. In a recent study in America, it is proven that children who spend more time with their parents while playing with them have a happier life
In conclusion, I think that outdoor activities must be promoted amongst children for their better health and indoor activities will result into stronger bond with parents as that will lead to a happier and healthier child.

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Some parents wants their children become the part of outdoor activities. Nowadays children want to remain at home because of entertain their -self by using gadgets it is an alarming situation if they spent enough screen time. This is not a positive development because when children spend the whole day playing games on their computer or using mobile , it will cause many health problems. Might be possible behavioral problems start that is so strange . In my opinion, it is more beneficial for children to spend time outdoors playing sports or engaging in other activities.
On the other hand parents must courage their children to do house-hold work boys and girls equally take part helping their mother at home for instance , washing dishes dusting and other common work it may help them in their practical life. As parent they can develop positive habits for character building rather than pointing and pushing negatively. It teaches them better qualities provided that, they manage their daily routine properly. Even if they want to learn music , art craft and dancing it should be allowed by parents with as extra skill.
To be conclude , it is not hard to see that there are several benefits to engaging in outdoor activities. Parents can limit their children’s exposure for television and the internet by motivating.

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