Skin whitening products should be banned from being sold as they have no place in a free and fair society.To what extend do you agree with this statement?




Now a days, using skin whitening products is becoming popular in women and men since people concern about their beauty these days. Some people believe that skin whitening products should be banned from being sold.I am totally disagree with this point of view.In this essay,I will explain the reason of denying this thought.
In our generation,people are very concern about their beauty ,and they want to take care of their skin by using the beauty products that are being made from organic materials such as flowers,aloe-vera and organic plants.These products heals and brighten the skin.What’s more,by using these products, women looks more young in society ,and would stand out in a crowd. In 2012, Professor John Duo published in his article that 90% of the women relaying on the beauty products to look more young.
In today era, where people are struggling to tackle the issues of their mundanes life.The beauty products and skin whitening treatments are becoming a useful hack to avoid those problems by getting the skin whitening massage from your favourite spa.If these tiny things can make people happy and satisfying then why we need to ban these products?
Furthermore, companies that are making these products from organic materials are gaining handsome profit over these products.These whitening products has been tested by experience chemists in their laboratory to double check the product’s quality.After that several phase of testing,these products are launched in market.In my opinion,we don’t need to ban those organic skin whitening products that are not even harmful for the skin.
Turning to the other side of argument, we should banned the skin whitening products that are being made of various chemicals.That chemicals can be harmful for the skin ,and can produce rashes and itching over the skin.In latest research, beautician Ms Katherine Mick found that 13% of the beauty products are being made of chemicals that are using world wide.As the matter of fact,we should take serious action towards the companies that are making harmful skin whitening products using chemicals.
In conclusion, although skin whitening products are useful for skin glowing and healing ,but only those which are being made of organic materials.In my opinion, products made from chemicals should be banned from being sold.

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people are concerned about
I disagree with this point
are very much concerned
women look younger
In today’s era,
mundane lives
who are we to band these products
we should ban the
These chemicals can be harmful
that are being used worldwide

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