These days people life expectancy is much higher,consequently there is increasing concern about how and who cares for the elderly. Do you think it is the responsibility of the family to care for their elderly members,or should the government be held responsible?




Almost two or three decades ago, people consider to take care of their parents or old family members as a responsibility. As the time flies, we are becoming more advance in this technical world,and due to which we consider it as a burden to take care of our old family members since we are really busy in our mundane life responsibilities.In this essay, I will discuss about why its our duty to take care of our elders rather than sending them to old home centers.
Firstly, its a fact that our elders are the ones who spend their day and night for our grooming. There was the time when we were depend upon them. They took all their mundane tasks as a second priority ,and give their all effort to make us a better person.Now, its the time when they have no powers and they are going to depend upon us. Since,its our moral responsibility to consider them as our first priority rather than take them as a burden.The University of London is recently publish in their weekly magazine that 60% of the people in UK send their elders to the home care center as they don’t have time to take care of them which is basically a worst situations.
Apart from that, it is observe that old people are more skeptical and same time arrogant ,so we have to handle them more carefully just like when we were the child ,and observe novel things around ,ask questions about them ,and they response very calmly. I believe that no one can take care of our elders better than us since we have a strong blood relation with them. We can feel their pain and mental situation more genuinely than any other care taker or old home centers.
In my opinion , what you do with others will definitely get back to you as earth is round. If we consider our elders as a burden ,and send them to old home than its obvious that when we will at their age , we also have to go to same place we sent our elders.
In a nutshell, everyone has bundle of responsibilities like managing bread and butter for their family ,paying bills,household works etc.But at the same time,our elders should be our first priority as they are the ones who take care for us as their first priority. Furthermore,its morally unethical to send our parents to old home centers ,so its our duty to take good care of them.

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*A family believed that it was its core responsibility to take of elders.
As time is passing, we are becoming more advanced
we were dependent upon them
they put all their efforts to nurture us
(You have to remove the comma after since)
recently published in their
it is observed
are more skeptical and at the same time

You have to improve this statement
(In my opinion , what you do with others will definitely get back to you as earth is round.)

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