Some people prefer to do the same job their entire life rather than frequently changing jobs. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?




For numerous reasons, people tend to keep the same employment and prefer not to change their jobs more often. This essay will discuss why it is a negative development and the reasons Behind this habit.

Working in same environment makes onself more familiar with the management and colleagues,therefore,some employees do not feel the need of changing their jobs. Working in the same job forever stops us to explore and experience the more competitive markets.furthermore, people become stagnant and never grow in their respective fields. I have personally noticed people(my colleagues) working for over 20 years in the same position are less competitive and avoid taking challenging tasks,whereas, some employees, who are open for new challenges, excel in their careers by outing themselves up for difficult tasks.These people welcome better opportunities and switch jobs whenever an opportunity arises.

It is naturally very hard for people to come out of their comfort zones and put their abilities to test in a new job. Working in a same job for too long is considered a very negative thing by modern corporate leaders(higher management) In interviews, people are actually rejected due to the reason, that they have worked so many years in one organization and now taking them onboard will not add any value as they are the people, who prefer job safety over growth both in terms of promotions and increments. These people are usually not very good team players and become more selfish in general.

To conclude,we must realize that the new corporate culture is demanding more efficiency from their workers.however, the urge of keeping a job for lifetime not only kills the much needed enthusiasm from an employee but also makes them dull and ineffective.whereas, changing jobs after a decent period of time is helpful in professional growth and learning.

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